A True Community Token

Shibarmy, after $SHIB‘s letdowns, $CAL emerges: our chance for a true community-driven token. Let’s unite, reclaim, and revolutionize.

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The Story of $CAL

At around 5 a.m. on September 22, the developers of Shiba Inu made a surprising decision: to replace $BONE with $CAL tokens. However, this decision triggered an unexpected storm.

Features 01

The Rise

When they introduced the liquidity of $CAL to ShibSwap, a huge whale did not hesitate to invest 11.6ETH in gas fees, taking away a large number of tokens in one fell swoop, and began to sell off continuously, almost as if it was strangling the entire project.

This spectacular event attracted widespread coverage from major media outlets and key opinion leaders (KOLs), and it captured the attention of the world.

However, the situation gradually reversed. People spontaneously flooded into the market to buy $CAL and add it to the liquidity pool. Many old Shiba Inu holders also joined the ranks of $CAL at this turning point.

Features 02

The Growth

The shocking story doesn't stop there. The emergence of the $CAL token is just the beginning. It has triggered a community craze and made people re-examine the power of community.

Community members were not just passive bystanders, they were agents of the blitz. Not only did they come forward to purchase $CAL and put it into the liquidity pool, they also actively promoted and supported the project. This spontaneous spirit of collaboration caused the price of the $CAL token to soar, reigniting confidence.

It was the support and determination of the community that brought the $CAL token from the brink of collapse to the pinnacle of success.

Today, the $CAL token has proudly topped the list of Dextools, all thanks to the power of the community.